Selam David Röschli Technical & Vocational College

Selam David Röschli Technical and Vocational College (SDR-TVC) was established in 1989 by accepting 19 orphaned boys from different orphanage organizations and SCV. From its beginning, the college integrated the on-job training approach to its practical training and cooperative training to give opportunity for the trainees to adapt to the world of work. SDR-TVC is an accredited college by Addis Ababa TVET Agency. The college has been selected by the Occupational Competency Assessment and Certification Center (OCACC) to be assessment center. In addition, SDR-TVC has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification from the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE). Currently SDR-TVC is moving strategically to upgrade its training to a Polytechnic College

Ethiopian Airlines, Equatorial Business Group, MOENCO, Kality Metal Products Factory and Sintec are some of the most prominent organizations who receive our trainees on cooperative training scheme and ultimately give employment opportunity.

Our College starting from 1994/95 till now total of 2,363(2021 male and 342 Female) trainees graduated from different Formal training areas In Non-formal Training area 187 (186 male and 1 female) for children and youth forced to live on the street  and 419 in food Food Preparation  got trainings.