Family Model Village Child Care

Family Model Village Child Care

Selam Children's Village has two compounds at different locations with family model houses. Each family  house is well equiped and can accomodate around 12 children.In order to imporve  the upbringing of the children SCV has designed its activities to provide ;

Mothers and Aunts: Selam provides responsible and trained "mothers and aunts" who feed, clothe, and raise the children with love just as if they were their own.

Siblings: Sibling relationship have profoud effect on a child's life and their development of social skills. At SCV, children have the opportunity to share life's struggel and triumphs with their brothers and sisters. Siblings interactions are frequent  and allow children to develop intimate friendship and learn sharing and cooperation.

Family House: Living in community allows the house to share principles, values and grow together. The village homes become the root for the family and promote a shared sense of purpose, as the children grow and prusue his or her goals.

Village: SCV believes that it takes a village to raise a child and both villages expose the children to different environments and activities. The villages are strongly connected to the outside community to help the children integrate back into community life.

   In the last 30 years 447 children (161 Female and 286 Male) grew up, graduated and started working in different organizations and some started their companies. Currently 153 children (76 female and 77 male) are living in the village and 204 youth (74 female and 130 male) are in youth transition programs. In total 804 children and youth got and are still getting the necessary provisions from Selam Children’s Village.