SDRTVC Graduation 2016

Selam David Roeschli Technical and Vocational College graduated its trainees on 30 July 2016. This year 67 Female and 152 male trainees ( total 219) and 11 trainees with disabilities from Ethiopian Center for Disability Development (ECDD)  graduated  from seven training areas from level one to level four. On this occasion Government Officials like 

Bego Sew Award

Bego Sew was founded by Deakon Daniel Kibret to award people are rolel models and who made greater contribution for Ethiopia and its citizens. The Founder of  Selam Wro. Tsehay Roeschli was awarded as one of 2009 "Bego Sew" . She is awarded based on what she has contributed for Ethiopia and its citizens and being role model for the generation . The award took place at Abel Cinema on Saturday September 3, 2016. On this even 12 people were awarded 2016 (2008 E.C) "Yeametu Bego Sew".

Selam Children's Village will Celebrate it 30 Year's Anniversary

Selam has been delivering the humanitarian activities for the past 30 years.  Now SCV will celebrate 30 years journey from October 10-21, 2016. Different activities like, bazar, exhibition, sport activities and walk are some of the highlights of the celebration. Selam's children, youth, grown up youth, students, staff and partners will be part of the celebration.